DST Compressor 8 Iron

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The DST Compressor 8 Iron warm up club comprises all aspects of the DST patented technology. The scientifically curved shaft replicates the shape of a normal shaft under its maximum load during impact, the DST Compressor forces you into a position where your hands lead the club face through impact and control it until after the ball has been struck. The curved shaft combined with the DST Impact Line enables you to locate a set up position and practice returning the club to the same position through impact every time. The DST Compressor forces you to feel the same movements and sensations as the greatest ball strikers in history and develop a repeatable, reliable movement through impact. The DST Compressor forces you to locate, train and perfect the optimal impact position.



Mens Club Length:                 37" (measured along the shaft axis)

Ladies:                                 35.5" (measured along the shaft axis)

Junior Club Length:               32.5" (measured along the shaft axis)

Club Head Design Loft:          37 degrees

Club Head Dynamic Loft:       27 degrees

Lie Angle:                             62 degrees

Mens Swing Weight:              D2

Ladies Swing Weight:           C4

Shaft Flex:                           Uniflex Steel

Shaft Tip Diameter:              0.370"

Grip:                                   Rubber Round


Technical Features

The sole of DST clubs have been designed to be wide and flat, so when a player sets up in a conventional address position and then pushes their hands forwards the sole of the club will orientate itself horizontally to the ground due to the designed forward hosel lean. In this position the club has been designed so that DST Impact Line (the groove which runs at an angle down the front of hosel) will point towards the players eyeline. In addition the DST Impact Line will also appear to be aligned with the leading groove on the club head. In this position the leading groove and the DST Impact Line appear to be a continuation of the same line from the players perspective, the player will have located a set up position where the club shaft and their leading arm will be aligned with the center of the club head arc (their lead shoulder). From this position the player should make their normal swing and return the club to the same hand position through impact.

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(18 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Great tool for practicing

    Posted by Frank on 26th Aug 2023

    Recommend the product

  • 4

    Posted by Jacques on 13th Feb 2023

    It helps to understand and feel how to cover the ball. I like it very much.

  • 5
    Practice gold!

    Posted by Gary C on 13th Feb 2023

    I have always had the problem of a faster upper body during down swing. I've used this now 6x before hitting my clubs on the range. I hit 20 balls with it. Definitely shows your weaknesses. It has helped a ton! Will never not use it before playing!!!

  • 5
    Compressor 8 iron

    Posted by William Smith on 14th Aug 2022

    Very good training aid gives you the feel you need a impact bonus with the hand alignment

  • 5
    DST Compressor 8 iron

    Posted by Tom on 29th Nov 2021

    Very good trainer club. I use it in my indoor hitting bay each day to feel the proper powerful impact position. It has changed my setup position as well. Good product.

  • 5
    DST Compressor

    Posted by Jason Frantom on 4th Nov 2021

    This club should be added to anyone's bag who wants to understand forward shaft lean at impact. Needed this 15 years ago when I first took up the game. Thanks DST golf for changing the way the swing is learned.

  • 4
    Worth having around

    Posted by Ken Fogarty on 30th Jul 2021

    I like swinging with this, but honestly just seeing it in my practice area reminds me of the concepts and feel. I'd recommend buying this.

  • 5
    8 Iron DST

    Posted by frank caruso on 5th Jun 2021

    At first I thought this felt strange. After swinging the club a couple of days I started to actually FEEL the club and I found how I was not anywhere near having my hands in the right position at impact. It is making a difference in my swing. I have more confidence with my irons. I am a believer in this club Frank C

  • 5
    DST Compressor 8 iron

    Posted by Mark Watson on 31st May 2021

    I feel much more powerful after using the club. Getting fully onto the left side and using the big muscles much better now. I feel like I am rotating much more later in the swing.